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Accidentally hits thumb with hammer drills hole to relieve pressure

Accidentally hits thumb with hammer drills hole to relieve pressure

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Macy’s Is Making Its Own Version Of T.J. Maxx And Nordstrom Rack

The “off-price” channel, home of discounted designer goods, is the place to be in retail. Macy’s plans to pilot a new off-price chain as well as expand its Bloomingdale’s outlet locations.

Macy’s Facebook

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The success of T.J. Maxx and Nordstrom Rack is pulling Macy’s into the off-price chain game — and highlighting the pervasiveness of outlet culture in America.

The department store company, which announced plans last month to explore a set of off-price stores, said yesterday that executives are working on a pilot of a T.J. Maxx-like chain, as noted by Fortune. Notably, TJX, which owns T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, and Home Goods, today reported annual sales that surpassed Macy’s for the first time ever, underscoring the strength of its treasure-hunting business model.

Sapna Maheshwari/BuzzFeed / Via chartbuilder

The Macy’s off-price chain will differ from Bloomingdale’s outlets, which Macy’s is also expanding, Chief Financial Officer Karen Hoguet said on an earnings call with analysts.

“It may help bring a whole new customer to Macy’s,” she said on the call. “Initially, we were nervous about putting one of the Bloomingdale’s outlets too close to a Bloomingdale’s store, and what we found is it served as an entry point for the customer. And instead of taking business away from the base Bloomingdale’s store, we actually brought new customers who learned and got comfortable with Bloomingdale’s from the outlet experience, and then went to the Macy’s store. So it’s very possible we could find that with Macy’s as well.”

The move highlights the way Americans are shopping in a post-recession world, and the appeal of chains offering goods at a permanent discount. The rise of TJX has been meteoric in the past 20 years — the company reported annual sales of $29.1 billion today, surpassing Macy’s yearly revenue by a full $1 billion.

Shoppers, hungry for deals in a sluggish economy, and influenced by the low price points popularized by fast-fashion chains, are into the idea of off-price stores, which offer a unique value proposition. While T.J. Maxx and Marshalls sell private-label goods, their more than 900 buyers are always on the hunt for “order cancellations, manufacturer overruns, closeouts, and special production direct from brands and factories.”

They carry a wide array of labels, as illustrated by the #maxxinista hashtag shoppers are encouraged to Intagram and tweet with — Kate Spade, Diane von Furstenberg, Steve Madden, to name a few. To many shoppers, the retailer feels more like an outlet channel than many factory stores, where the vast majority of brands now make lesser-quality goods specifically for their outlets.

Nordstrom has doubled down on its own version of T.J. Maxx with Nordstrom Rack. There are now 167of its discount stores, compared to 116 full-price locations, and Rack represented the chain’s biggest source of new customers last year, executives said on an earnings call last week. Neiman Marcus is aiming for the market, too, with its Last Call chain. Rather than dumping excess goods into T.J. Maxx and Marshalls — which advertise that their prices are 50% below department-store chains — companies like Macy’s and Nordstrom can use their own off-price stores to try to sell them off themselves.

“The off-price sector is one of the few in retail that’s actually growing, so everybody has to pile into it,” Rick Snyder, an analyst at Maxim Group, said in an interview with BuzzFeed News. “It appeals to the consumer who really wants to get something nice, but really can’t afford to pay full price for it, or the person who wants to treasure hunt.”

“Knowing that 80% of outlet merchandise is actually direct-to-outlet, you have a much better chance of getting a real deal at a T.J. or a Ross than you are at an outlet,” he added.

Of course, Nordstrom executives said at a September 2013 conference that only 18% to 19% of merchandise in Rack stores is transferred from full-line stores. Other goods are special closeout buys from vendors, and Nordstrom is aggressive about maintaining the integrity of the pricing it displays on tags, Blake Nordstrom, the company’s president, said at the time.

Still, it’s not always clear whether you’re “really” getting a deal or not.

But for many consumers, it’s about the value they feel they’re getting, and there’s a special thrill in seeing the price they’ll pay versus the “suggested retail price.” Plus, with a T.J. Maxx or a Nordstrom Rack, they don’t have to travel to and through a whole outlet mall; they can find the store in a suburb and trawl through tons of different designers under a single roof.

As more and more retailers push into the “off-price” channel, what remains to be seen is what they’ll end up selling. Will they remain deal destinations?

“What eventually is going to happen is as this excess inventory sort of gets absorbed into all these new off-price distribution points, you’re going to find the same thing happening as what happens as outlets,” Snyder said. “Some percent, whether it’s 50%, 70%, or 80%, is going to be manufactured direct for the off-price channel, because there are only so many overruns.”

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The REAL winner of Superbowl XLVII

The REAL winner of Superbowl XLVII

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Pause music to watch video sit in silence for an hour

Pause music to watch video sit in silence for an hour

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My wife came up with this beauty this morning.

My wife came up with this beauty this morning.

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Seriously Dude I Think

Seriously Dude I Think

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Look At These Beautiful Women, Then See How Much Photoshop This Fashion Magazine Chose To Use

Fashion magazines have become devices to make women feel terrible while also desiring to look like computer simulations. Who needs to look like an extra from “The Sims” when you have the beauty that reality gives us?

Verily Magazine never uses Photoshop, and the results are way more gorgeous.

So what do the pages of Verily look like?

Jie (on the right) isn’t a model. She’s actually a sales associate.

Grace isn’t either. She’s an advertising assistant.

Jodi is a writer. Not a model either.

And Sara is a publicist, not a model. Verily frequently uses everyday women of different races, ethnicities, sizes, and ages for their photo spreads. The women here range in age from 21 to 35 and are sizes 6-12.

Their Photoshop policy:


This pretty much describes how I feel!

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It looks good on you

It looks good on you

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Dogs v. Cats

Dogs v. Cats

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One does not simply write a paper without procrastinating

One does not simply write a paper without procrastinating

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For Everyone Who Misses The White And Gold Dress

I was young and foolish and now I can’t go back.

1. Remember the first moment you saw the dress? You didn’t understand what the debate was about. It was clearly white and gold.

2. You were pretty chuffed that you were in the majority, i.e. clearly right.

3. But people around you insisted it was blue and black and you were like WUT.

4. You stared at the dress for hours, waiting to see WTF they were talking about.

5. You could KINDA see the blue – MAYBE – but the black MADE NO SENSE AT ALL.

6. Even when confronted with the cold, hard truth that the dress is, in fact, blue and black, all you saw when you looked at the original image was your trusty white and gold.


7. And then, just like that, EVERYTHING CHANGED.


— JennaGuillaume (@Jenna Guillaume)

8. Suddenly, you saw the blue and black, and you understood the truth.

I’m Seeing Blue And Black, As Of Now

— officialjaden (@Jaden Smith)

9. It was like you were seeing for the very first time.


10. And you didn’t understand how you saw the white and gold at all because now literally all you could see was blue and black.

11. How could the same eyes see two such totally different things?!?!?!


12. And suddenly you found yourself staring at the dress again, trying to go back to how you saw it before.

I don’t believe anything anymore. THE DRESS has ruined my trust in all things. I’ll never love again.

— MattBellassai (@Matt Bellassai)

13. Because you didn’t respect the white and gold dress enough, and now it’s gone from your life forever.

14. It’s too late. The world is blue and black now. And nothing will ever make sense again.

New Line Cinema

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He's In For A Surprise…

He's In For A Surprise...

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drop it overboard!

drop it overboard!

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I Live In A Boat…

I Live In A Boat...

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This Family Lives In A Tree House That Looks Like A Castle. Think That’s Cool? Wait Until You See The Inside.

Thanks to the British design firm Blue Forest, a family is “Living the High Life” in one of the coolest tree houses you’ll ever see. While it has a medieval-influenced architectural style, this tree house is anything but old school. There haven’t been many homes (on or off the ground) that feature a rope bridge, zip line, and obstacle course… definitely not with an interior like this.

Take a look!

1. The tree house is made up of two sections.

2. This is the children’s quarters.

3. The interior.

4. Whoa! There’s even a secret room!

5. One of the bridges that connects it to…

6. The adults’ quarters.

7. The interior.

8. Plenty of space to throw a party. I hope their friends aren’t afraid of heights.

(via: designboom)

This tree house is too cool. If I were their neighbor, I’d be glad it’s up as high as it is. If you want to keep your jealousy in check, you can just make sure you’re staring at the ground as you walk down the block.

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Me at the bar talking to a girl

Me at the bar talking to a girl

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Channel 3 is the answer to everything.

Channel 3 is the answer to everything.

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Recently Married Man Realized Marriage Is Not For Him. This Is What Wrote To His New Wife…

Recently Married Man Realized Marriage Is Not For Him. This Is What Wrote To His New Wife...

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Magical Moving Art Created with Just a Camera and a Projector–And Some Patience

New York-based artist Mike Hall creates art that’s hard to define. He calls it “optical field expressionism.” In a dark space, he aims a camera and a projector at a surface, either a blank wall or a model. When the two optical fields interact, the result is startling, and incredible. The below stills are taken from some of his performances. The colors and patterns you see are not projections, and no editing or digital manipulation ever takes place.

Still from Colors (2007)

Still from Mask of Light II (2008)

Still from Scream of Light (2012)

Still from Vox Lumina (2011)

Still from Mask of Light II (2008)

Still from Scream of Light (2012)

What was initially just an area of light becomes a swarm of moving lines and shapes, liquid-seeming areas of color that flicker and overlap, and points of light that grow like organisms. When the surface on which they are materializing is altered in some way–such as the shadow of a hand passing over the wall or the movement of a model–the light reacts and changes. When he noticed this, Hall began to create performances using the optical fields and models. 

Colors, 2007

The shapes, movement and light you see on the models’ skin and on the other surfaces are not projections, but are rather reactions happening in the moment. This is caused by the manipulation of the optical fields created by the camera and projector. The fields are adjusted via light levels and aperture openings in the camera. A second camera is used to document the performance.  

Teardrops, 2012. Here, you can see how the highlights on the model’s eyes, as well as the shadows elsewhere, create areas of light and dark that react to her movements. 

The performances are at once controlled and random. When the reactions occur, there’s no real way of controlling, say, the colors that appear, or if they’ll appear at all. That’s based on the way the white light is refracted on the surface. But the motion of the patterns can be controlled by moving the model or adjusting the light levels in the space, so Hall has had to work out a careful balance of minute technical adjustments and the willingness to go with the proverbial flow. “Under controlled conditions, [the refraction will] split light into its component parts will accumulate at the rate of almost 30 frames per second, setting in motion an evolution of color variation at every pixel location,” he explains

Edge Case, 2008. This interactive performance shows a visitor playing with the light fields to generate motion and forms. 

If a live model is not used, the effects can still be incredible. Instead of using a person’s features as a point of reaction, the wiggly pixels use the patterns of light and dark and create, as Hall describes them, “graphical forms that are unique from one moment to the next yet exhibiting a consistent graphical signature that almost resembles a form of aesthetic style.”

You can check out more of Mike Hall’s work at his Vimeo and Facebook pages

All images and video via Mike Hall

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