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16 Things You're Actually Thinking On A Date

16 Things You’re Actually Thinking On A Date

1. When you say, “I’ll just be a minute.” View this image › FOX 2. When you say, “It’s a nice night out, huh?” View this image › FOX 3. When you ask, “What are you getting to drink?” View this image › ABC 4. When you say, “How’s your food?” View this image › […]


Roseanne rediscovers love of guns, Second Amendment

We have the right to bear arms! Thank you, US constitution! #July4-when in the course of human events it bcomes necessry2 manufcture consent — Roseanne Barr (@therealroseanne) July 4, 2012 This Independence Day, as many Americans revisit and rediscover the nation’s founding principles and documents, Green Party candidate Roseanne Barr has paused to give thanks […]